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Author: Pete Alexandrou (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: May 5, 2013 1:35 PM
Version: 4.5
Views: 93,087
Downloads: 1,039
Demo URL: http://googleitics.com
License: Apache License, Version 2



googleitics is currently broken due to API changes made by Google. v5.0 is currently in early beta stages and will be released early September 2012.

Due to other changes, v5.0 will require ColdFusion Server 8.0 and above. It can work on earlier versions if you're bothered to modify the code yourself ;-)


googleitics is a CFC providing charts and metrics for your website profiles at Google Analytics through API wrapper methods.

All valid metrics can be retrieved with the option to group them by a dimension (see API Reference link below) e.g. browser, city, date etc. At this stage, only one dimension can be specified but this will change in future releases.

The Google Visualisation API is used to provide interactive charts via drawChart() and two examples are included in the test script.

This serves as a good jump start to pulling down Google Analytics data through the recently released API. An example script is included to assist you in using the CFC.

To see a list of all currently available metrics in Google Analytics API, go here:


Feel free to contact me if you have a bug to report, would like features added or need help getting this to work.

-------------------[ RELEASE NOTES ]-----------------------


* getMetrics() now works for multiple dimensions. Be careful using multiple dimensions since you cannot use a multi-dimension query recordset on pie chart types for example.

* Configuration settings within the included index.cfm test script have been moved to a seperate settings file.

* drawTimeLine() improved to fix cases where site's name includes characters that are invalid when used in query column names and the first argument "aProfileIDs [array]" has been changed to "stProfiles" which is a structure of structures, allowing you to set the profileID AND the axis label. Ensure you update the configuration file's dummy settings before using the test script. Examples are contained within.

* getMetrics() has had a new "maxrows" argument added to it which limits the number of rows returned in the resulting query resultset.

* callAPI() will dump/abort the raw response text from Google's API if a "debug" URL parameter is included in your base page request or AJAX url string. (e.g. index.cfm?api)

Recent Blog Entries:

Last Update:

[ v4.0 ] Added support for multiple dimensions plus code optimisations and improvements.


- ColdFusion MX, 7, 8, 9 and Railo 3+ (not tested on BlueDragon)

- Google Analytics Account + Website Profile

- Google Maps API Key (for GeoMap Visualiation)

* see test script (index.cfm) for info & links to what is required AND ensure you replace the variables up top with your own Google account, website and Maps API Key values *

Issue Tracker:

2 Problem with new Google api or other issue Closed 08/28/12 7:26 AM
1 Railo-Compatibility Closed 06/09/09 3:25 AM

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